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19 August 2016

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18 August 2016

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17 August 2016

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16 August 2016

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15 August 2016

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12 August 2016

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11 August 2016

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10 August 2016

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9 August 2016

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8 August 2016

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5 August 2016

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4 August 2016

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3 August 2016

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2 August 2016

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1 August 2016

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29 July 2016

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28 July 2016

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27 July 2016

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26 July 2016

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25 July 2016

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22 July 2016

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21 July 2016

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20 July 2016

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19 July 2016

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18 July 2016

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15 July 2016

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14 July 2016

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13 July 2016

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12 July 2016

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11 July 2016

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8 July 2016

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7 July 2016

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6 July 2016

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5 July 2016

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4 July 2016

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1 July 2016

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30 June 2016

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29 June 2016

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28 June 2016

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27 June 2016

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24 June 2016

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23 June 2016

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22 June 2016

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21 June 2016

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20 June 2016

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17 June 2016

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16 June 2016

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15 June 2016

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14 June 2016

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13 June 2016

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10 June 2016

scienctific study
everyone is invited
the gateway arch in st. louis
hawk kite comet eclipse
spending hours gazing at the ocean
master carpenter
revolving cake stand
out of curiosity
SPIN ID: re1294745

9 June 2016

watching fireworks
cattle ranch
the north rim of the grand canyon
twiddle text hitchhike
bring your dancing shoes
superman the man of steel
lincoln center
miraculous discovery
SPIN ID: lt5052945

8 June 2016

savannah georgia
sunday brunch
yellowstone national park
cement nuts paint smoothie
climbing incredible mayan ruins
after the fact
going in a new direction
cash award
SPIN ID: dn3396115

7 June 2016

hitting a home run
this is my lucky day
a stack of silver dollar pancakes
sparklers sun lava charcoal
humpback whales right off the coast
landslide victory
devils tower in wyoming
reusable bag
SPIN ID: lc9667157

6 June 2016

big sur california
orange slices
making a dramatic entrance
lobster rose blushing
a stroll through central park
winning combination
honest and heartfelt
department store
magazine ad
SPIN ID: jw4719571

3 June 2016

lake tahoe
simply irresistible
seeing the northern lights
root beer & homecoming float
the service and food are phenomenal
summer camp
dalmatians & crustaceans
a whole bunch
SPIN ID: jc8413973

2 June 2016

opening ceremony
community college
rock & rubber band
keeping my fingers crossed
there's nothing else quite like it
bicycle helmet
sweet land of liberty
the golden gate bridge
joining forces
SPIN ID: sv7060672

1 June 2016

kennedy space center
there's more than meets the eye
cincinnati cleveland & columbus
the adventure of a lifetime
pickles and sauerkraut
hometown favorite
school auditorium
what to buy
SPIN ID: jb8991122

31 May 2016

woodrow wilson
life lesson
recently married couple
rule of thumb wrestling
surrounded by coral reefs
canopy bed
knocking on the door
honest work
SPIN ID: bk1979983

30 May 2016

satisfaction guaranteed
ancient history
the show is about nothing
the milky way of life
full-service seaside spa
the play of the day
reading a romance novel
electric razor
by nightfall
SPIN ID: sb7809305

27 May 2016

the panama canal
use it or lose it
peppermint stick shift
vancouver british columbia
beyond beautiful
great dane
reading the road map
quirky character
SPIN ID: dg1251397

26 May 2016

melbourne australia
komodo dragon
do you speak swedish massage
drawing names from a hat
taking a shuttle at the airport
singapore sling
lips hips and fingertips
poetic words
SPIN ID: ss0585192

25 May 2016

seoul south korea
treasure trove
getting my money's worth
a romantic dinner for two
birds butterflies flowers
video game console
tell me all about it
hollandaise sauce
computer programmer
pour your heart out
SPIN ID: cb5451331

24 May 2016

greek yogurt
custom-made shoes
columbian coffee & cream
mahogany cabinet full of fine china
catching some rays by the pool
the far east
cool as a cucumber
windy day
SPIN ID: sl1723509

23 May 2016

lifelong friends
fanny pack rat
german chocolate cake
black lava and blue waves
puerto rico
siberian husky
don't move a muscle
heavy baggage
SPIN ID: an4310834

20 May 2016

ice cream soda
vote of confidence
sylvester stallone as rocky
get a piece of the action figure
giant sand dunes and craggy cliffs
college students
basketball tournament
bright and bubbly
courageous woman
SPIN ID: sl0886853

19 May 2016

betsy ross
roast pork sandwich
famous sculpture the thinker
beauty tip of the iceberg
moments like these are rare
dancing in the street
peter pan and captain hook
daily coupons
SPIN ID: th9552957

18 May 2016

national treasures
white-tailed deer
hitting the snooze button
supermarket chain reaction
all kinds of aquatic sports
bradley cooper
employee of the month
paid in full
SPIN ID: km2726188

17 May 2016

the keystone state
festivals and shows
overwhelming generosity
kevin bacon burger
recharging my batteries
soft pretzels with mustard
cause for celebration
display of affection
SPIN ID: jp8036752

16 May 2016

city of brotherly love
american history
little league baseball
smooth strawberry shake
treat yourself you deserve it
winning money
rigatoni & macaroni
business meeting
making the rounds
SPIN ID: jk1661937

13 May 2016

a whole lot of sunshine
washington park
bottomless pit stop
future hall of famer peyton manning
mellowing out at the pool
livestock auction
buttermilk biscuits
among the best
SPIN ID: rh8629923

12 May 2016

hikers and bikers
trust your instincts
broncos win world championship
crawfish catfish & cuttlefish
gazing at the sea of cortez
needlepoint pillows
banana cream pie
back in the groove
SPIN ID: jg0517439

11 May 2016

colorado blue spruce
an american icon
chocolate & chin-up bar
burrito smothered in green chili
a guided canoe tour of the island
loft apartment
the pick of the litter
cute outfit
SPIN ID: rj3027775

10 May 2016

downhill skiing
music festival
the beginning of a new day
chopping block party
red papayas and ripe mangoes
galleries and museums
gaining altitude
newspaper editor
i am baffled
SPIN ID: sp1894672

9 May 2016

snow-covered mountains
hitting the trails
sizing up the competition
love is in the air freshener
i could take a thousand pictures
family dinner
my favorite flannel shirt
home project
SPIN ID: pp1740705

6 May 2016

olympic national park
moose on the loose
no right turn on red carpet
smoked salmon with capers
an absolute dream location
all along the watchtower
bank account
joined at the hip
geography quiz
SPIN ID: cf7565543

5 May 2016

steelhead trout
a sticky situation
quarterback russell wilson
birthday & crab cake
hopping from island to island
speed skating
your secret is safe with me
damp weather
SPIN ID: ls6078239

4 May 2016

redwood trees
guided walking tour
piping hot cup of coffee
seahawks seagulls & seahorses
come on in the water is perfect
gaining ground
magazine publisher
going abroad
SPIN ID: rc0251595

3 May 2016

spectacular skyline
original screenplay
an apple a day keeps the doctor away
electric bill gates
popping into a pub in dublin
harbor seals
force of nature
final approval
SPIN ID: hv8200531

2 May 2016

downtown waterfront
garment bag
fish and chips with tartar sauce
victory speech therapist
it is a place like no other
artistic director
flock of goldfinches
our objective
SPIN ID: fm9106233

29 April 2016

red rock canyon
ostrich egg
footloose and fancy-free checking
meerkats and warthogs
start planning your break now
america's got talent
exclusive interview
quick fixes
SPIN ID: bt7274519

28 April 2016

dinosaur fossils
the real deal
communing with nature
fountain pen pal
like a dream come true
the sheriff of nottingham
wardrobe change
highly motivated
SPIN ID: pg1649190

27 April 2016

watering hole
dress for success
antelopes and giraffes
dinner & home plate
this place is heaven on earth
wonder woman
precious metals
order of garlic fries
living up to the hype
SPIN ID: bs7593775

26 April 2016

tucson arizona
going on safari
raisin oatmeal date cookies
stand-up comic book
putting on my bermuda shorts
advance screening
texas horned lizard
perfect disguise
SPIN ID: jv7521446

25 April 2016

prickly pear cactus
good vibrations
night sky full of twinkling stars
flavorful fresh figs
maybe i'll stay a couple extra days
casablanca morocco
lemon drops and lollipops
former olympian
SPIN ID: tf0323359

22 April 2016

king of the castle
shark tank
automated teller machine
hole in the wall street journal
diving with manta rays
benjamin franklin
balancing my checkbook
bouncing back
SPIN ID: ks1185448

21 April 2016

striking it rich
london broil
tony stark's alter ego iron man
payments profits & percentages
have any tips on where to visit?
alexander hamilton
financial district
SPIN ID: am0020646

20 April 2016

beverly hills
can't buy me love
super bowl commercials
conveyor belt buckle
bars boutiques galleries
display cabinet
personalized license plate
bulky items
SPIN ID: rs2968496

19 April 2016

seeing dollar signs
celebrity auction
stocks bonds & mutual funds
onion & diamond ring
this will put a smile on your face
george washington
armchairs and footstools
old english sheepdog
very insightful
SPIN ID: an4104722

18 April 2016

healthy & wealthy
abraham lincoln
bluebonnets and orange blossoms
never give up hope chest
balcony overlooking the ocean
monte carlo
investing in the market
fuzzy beard
SPIN ID: eg4254443

15 April 2016

alexandria virginia
fraternal twins
autographed first edition
dry-erase board of directors
getting away from civilization
saturday matinee
leather recliner
voicing my opinion
SPIN ID: fm7354534

14 April 2016

alaska & nebraska
dodger stadium
building superintendent
have a good evening gown
confirming my reservation
it's all or nothing
happily married woman
dinner date
household appliances
SPIN ID: gm0024203

13 April 2016

hoover dam
that's the spirit
putting dinner on the table
terrific texas toast
secluded tranquil resort
feather duster
philadelphia & pittsburgh
science experiment
job applicant
SPIN ID: sb9724286

12 April 2016

reno nevada
marketing manager
just like mom used to make
red-tailed hawks white doves & bluebirds
a stunning pristine day
rob lowe
thinking on my feet
avid outdoorsman
SPIN ID: ch4598418

11 April 2016

denver omelet
helium balloons
in the foreseeable future
where the deer and the antelope play video games
relaxing in the shade
orchestra pit
family entertainment
your pocketbook
SPIN ID: sv3522647

8 April 2016

weddings & honeymoons
captain's bridge
top-of-the-line equipment
pardon my french vanilla ice cream
unwinding on the seashore
aged to perfection
silver flatware
vigorous activity
SPIN ID: jd0805034

7 April 2016

turquoise water
dimmer switch
cathching the bridal bouquet
delectable delicious dessert
beautiful golf courses
food critic
a little goes a long way
a big move
SPIN ID: ll9218805

6 April 2016

love nest
i'm optimistic
trying to keep a straight face
home-cooked meal ticket
vacation planner
whistling teakettle
model citizen
duplicate key
SPIN ID: co9776009

5 April 2016

theme restaurant
tempting offer
taking the express lane
doughnut shop till you drop
catamaran cruise
need i say more?
the urge to splurge
company profile
SPIN ID: kk4600095

4 April 2016

colorful beach towels
waldorf salad
listening to a bedtime story
private party hat
the best dive sites
courtroom drama
a penny for your thoughts
basket of goodies
SPIN ID: jk3793276

1 April 2016

cramming all night
wild stallions
spanish french german italian
seeing double major
mountain biking and water-skiing
salt lake city
jupiter & saturn
in the thick of things
healthy habits
SPIN ID: df3156708

31 March 2016

intramural activities
streaming music
big man on campus
questions quotes & quizzes
my first surfing lesson
daytona beach florida
signing on the dotted line
this must be the place
just kidding
SPIN ID: me5438243

30 March 2016

buying textbooks
introducing myself
the world is your oyster
sorority & opera house
amazing views of the sea
chemical engineer
registering to vote
flagstaff arizona
life in the fast lane
wrap it up
SPIN ID: rw1336474

29 March 2016

pledging a fraternity
amphibians & reptiles
grocery & dean's list
reporter for the student newspaper
a totally laid-back vibe
sporting event
comparing notes
biology exam
SPIN ID: bl8329979

28 March 2016

semester break
making predictions
getting good grades
protons neutrons & electrons
warm and sunny year-round
homer simpson
copies of my transcripts
boston harbor
cozy pajamas
SPIN ID: sl8640134

25 March 2016

port & starboard
oh what a night
don't let the cat out of the bag
home sweet home page
exhilerating water slide
easy breezy
living in the moment
three wishes
goofy pictures
SPIN ID: sg0619921
Carnival Spin & Sail Puzzle: world champion

24 March 2016

the ship's bridge
imports & exports
free as a bird watcher
taking it to the next level
whales dolphins and seals
digital thermostat
it seems like yesterday
echoing voices
SPIN ID: fd3288308
Carnival Spin & Sail Puzzle: good fortune

23 March 2016

stateroom steward
you said a mouthful
party supply store
movie & music moguls
playing games on the deck
trail running
last-second score
window frame
SPIN ID: wa2228253
Carnival Spin & Sail Puzzle: feeling lucky

22 March 2016

cruise director
beauty salon
spring summer autumn winter
basketball and hula hoop
thrilling european voyage
it's a done deal
making a smart selection
uplifting words
SPIN ID: mb3563665
Carnival Spin & Sail Puzzle: big winner

21 March 2016

looking out the porthole
computer technician
it's going to be a great day
offensive line dancing
a chain of tropical islands
carving knife
egg yolks & artichokes
very busy schedule
SPIN ID: rh5999088
Carnival Spin & Sail Puzzle: slot machines

18 March 2016

boston cream pie
walk this way
cutting-edge technology
pac-man of the house
soothing reggae rhythms
sculpture garden
v is for victory
major point
SPIN ID: jw3877059

17 March 2016

martha washington
too much information
hollywood heartthrob
anchorage & baked alaska
pacific & caribbean coasts
the peace sign
winning a gold medal
spicy brown mustard
authorization code
SPIN ID: tc8139132

16 March 2016

badlands national park
little brother
buying movie tickets online
remodeled house of cards
it will take your breath away
sweater weather
mississippi mud pie
treasure chest
garth brooks
i feel giddy
SPIN ID: cb5362392

15 March 2016

hot springs arkansas
secret identity
singer-songwriter john mayer
savory salisbury steak
can't say enough good things
birthday girl
bulldogs and bearcats
bound to happen
SPIN ID: mm3342892

14 March 2016

houston texas
outdoor barbecue
bottled mineral water
gluten free speech
pampering myself
theater in the park
olympic champion
giant redwoods
job opportunity
SPIN ID: cf5268785

11 March 2016

lounge chair
the girl next door
league night at the bowling alley
come on baby let the good times roll
sipping tasty margaritas
from worst to first
action-packed movie
future wife
SPIN ID: dp0283408

10 March 2016

destination relaxation
gift basket
harrison ford as han solo
surprising suspenseful stories
i could really use a getaway
windsor castle
athletic endeavor
comfy booth
SPIN ID: sf7859040

9 March 2016

exhale slowly
picking up the tab
supreme and tennis court
i left my heart in san francisco
windsurfing & parasailing
amateur inventor
we'll always have paris
crisp cucumbers
overdue book
SPIN ID: hs4787420

8 March 2016

chilling out
scavenger hunt
celebrity photo shoot
vacation rental cottage cheese
exactly what i wanted
sports memorabilia
undefeated season
love me tender love me true
lighting fixtures
SPIN ID: js4738209

7 March 2016

a little downtime
i get around by the beach boys
mobile home of the brave
casual poolside snacks
beverage coasters
cuddly teddy bear
gourmet kitchen
subway platform
SPIN ID: jg4512880

4 March 2016

say hello to everybody
stonehenge in england
the x-files returns to television
quick run for cover girl
soft light from a tiki torch
maid of honor
champagne flutes
a joyous welcome
SPIN ID: wg5356435

3 March 2016

the weather's been lovely
apple butter
executive vice president
kiss me i'm irish setter
packing for paradise
bengal tiger
breakfast nook
wedding bells
computer graphics
SPIN ID: vr5761526

2 March 2016

thinking of you
birthday boy
fort worth its weight in gold
favorite neighborhood restaurant
we're stopping in vienna
rice cooker
building a dollhouse
upbeat outlook
SPIN ID: lm8863972

1 March 2016

having a great time
community theater
get out of jail free card
punching & diaper bag
pulsating nightlife
cake decorator
on-screen chemistry
seeing is believing
jot down your thoughts
SPIN ID: cs1165192

29 Feb·ru·ary 2016

writing postcards
stadium seating
birds of a feather flock together
travel & secret agent
fun everywhere you look
snapping turtle
matching nightstands
friends & family
my big break
SPIN ID: ma4297503

26 Feb·ru·ary 2016

what a bargain!
united states ambassador
you're the one that i want
comedy club sandwich
enjoying a beachside massage
loose as a goose
ripples in the water
trivial pursuit
amazing kid
SPIN ID: lr4685392

25 Feb·ru·ary 2016

no sales tax
christian bale
cracks in the sidewalk cafe
fresh bread from the bakery
kicking off my sandals
rowing machine
strong competitor
quite curious
SPIN ID: ch9226823

24 Feb·ru·ary 2016

friendly cashier
fashion boutique
days weeks months years
odd and nose job
chocolate-covered macadamias
art gallery opening
long long overdue
clowning around
office cubicle
SPIN ID: kf5920153

23 Feb·ru·ary 2016

fitting room
bite-size candy
no turning back now
batman and robin wright
certified scuba diver
the deciding factor
taking the escalator
slotted spoon
paisley fabric
SPIN ID: we7110486

22 Feb·ru·ary 2016

gift receipt
keyboard player
cash checks credit cards
in the jungle the mighty jungle
that's on my wish list
thoroughbred racehorse
going out in style
forks and knives
john stamos
magic power
SPIN ID: bd4440625

19 Feb·ru·ary 2016

sandy shoreline
greek salad
tap dancing lessons
bumper car loan
anything your heart desires
staying power
prairie dogs and catfish
famous composer
SPIN ID: dw1883745

18 Feb·ru·ary 2016

pool party
individual effort
tribal chief operating officer
asking all the right questions
magical ports of call
legendary leader
time is running short
paved the way
SPIN ID: lc6075841

17 Feb·ru·ary 2016

great imagination
raspberry yogurt
writing my autobiography
blue cheese dressing room
gondola ride through venice
faithful companion
outstanding work
it boils down to this
SPIN ID: kp0284245

16 Feb·ru·ary 2016

beautiful beaches
the good dinosaur
wonderful success story
it needs a woman's touch screen
onboard activities
soccer mom
roasted cauliflower
rocket scientist
heroic journey
SPIN ID: nw2569832

15 Feb·ru·ary 2016

family fun
trapeze artist
french twist and shout
star wars: the force awakens
colorful local festivals
farm fresh eggs
professional photographer
solar panels
shake off the cobwebs
SPIN ID: jw0028104

12 Feb·ru·ary 2016

opposites attract
hit television series scandal
hot dog walker
coconut banana pancakes
fender bender
little black dress
spin the bottle
chilly ocean wind
SPIN ID: rj9032263

11 Feb·ru·ary 2016

spicing things up
choker necklace
daniel craig as james bond
hunky handsome husband
that's priceless
love actually
sidewalk sale
packaging supplies
SPIN ID: nl5566689

10 Feb·ru·ary 2016

dancing queen
my main squeeze
ruby sapphire and emerald
jude law of averages
an ideal location
drawer organizer
quite a compliment
in good company
SPIN ID: rl3649361

9 Feb·ru·ary 2016

cohorts in crime
ankle bracelet
appearing on the cover of sports illustrated
bridal shower gel
snorkeling and diving
you better shop around
cosmetics counter
pitch perfect
fudge brownie recipe
SPIN ID: bg3129356

8 Feb·ru·ary 2016

double the fun
parallel parking
post-workout stretch limousine
i believe it's time for me to fly
magnificent hiking
gilmore girls
full shopping cart
proud owner
SPIN ID: ar7544634

5 Feb·ru·ary 2016

special memories
enthusiastic crowd
you're not the boss of me
tossing coins into a well-wisher
exciting watersports
we hate to wait
building momentum
over the hump
SPIN ID: mw1001164

4 Feb·ru·ary 2016

the caribbean sun
take a good look at my face
television stars and stripes
supercharged fun
singing in harmony
local market vegetables
floppy hat
SPIN ID: kl6346796

3 Feb·ru·ary 2016

going to jamaica
ice cream machine
great minds think alike
ping-pong & coffee table
sailing at sunset
oscar the grouch
teens and tweens
on our way to the gym
SPIN ID: dg01603

2 Feb·ru·ary 2016

waterfall pool
cookie monster
science fiction thriller
split second honeymoon
for kids of every age
job description
oysters rockefeller
amazing pianist
SPIN ID: cs7129877

1 Feb·ru·ary 2016

family time
lobster bisque
sweet dreams are made of this
dressed to kill a mockingbird
experiencing total bliss
sesame street
a distinct possibility
dynamic voice
SPIN ID: ak7428601

29 January 2016

we are the champions
extreme sports
finishing my homework
dairy queen of england
awesome beachfront hotel
girl power
warm mixed nuts
drill sergeant
by the book
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28 January 2016

captain and first mate
band practice
eating lunch together
busy buzzing bumblebees
there is so much to do
emoticons and emojis
happily ever after
cardboard boxes
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27 January 2016

save me a seat
college entrance exam
skating on thin ice cream
tweeting and retweeting
nesting turtles
the twilight series
making each other laugh
waiting for hours
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26 January 2016

playing catch
open parachute
a long way from home fries
studying for a test
you won't believe your eyes
katy perry
basketball team
whole grain bread
just above a whisper
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25 January 2016

my best buddy
fresh blueberries
amusement park rides
great graduation gift
watching pelicans
out of this world
streaming video
security guard
your imagination
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22 January 2016

getting comfortable
canvas tote bag
good golly miss molly
conference & duck call
our cruise itinerary
maryland blue crabs
winning streak
from head to toe
joint venture
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21 January 2016

personalized attention
hardwood floors
climb to the top of the mountain goat
smoked polish sausage
i've got no problem with that
rip van winkle
minding my manners
browsing the aisles
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20 January 2016

homemade muffins
acting on impulse
thank you for being a friend
furniture movers and shakers
hummingbirds & butterflies
the kitchen is open
quiet neighborhood
mix things up
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19 January 2016

lots of little extras
nature lover
rooms with real character
delicious danish & doughnuts
unparalleled beauty
up here on cloud nine
water buffalo
posing on the red carpet
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18 January 2016

the warmest of welcomes
bagels and lox
birdhouse in the backyard
soccer player piano
worshiping the sun
carrie underwood
cookbook collection
doctor dolittle
filling my quota
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15 January 2016

lady of spain i adore you
going backpacking
shakespearean actors
french toast to the bride and groom
ancient land of mysteries
sly as a fox
the epic conclusion
paying it forward
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14 January 2016

the leaning tower of pisa
taxi driver
tasmanian devils and angelfish
big ben stiller
wonders of the south pacific
merlin the magician
downtown hotel
holiday wreath
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13 January 2016

belgian waffles
peaceful meadow
every little thing she does is magic
brushing up on my italian ice
the canadian rockies
honey badger
the perfect temperature
quite a haul
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12 January 2016

budapest hungary
fan favorite
the houses of parliament
the czech & banana republic
a unique excursion
swiss cheese
newspaper columnist
huge yacht
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11 January 2016

old-world charm
sneak peek
quaint cobblestone streets
my big fat greek wedding cake
doing the happy dance
pushing the envelope
eating family style
office park
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8 January 2016

olympic gymnast
carrot cake
a force to be reckoned with
yoga pose for the camera
serene sandy coves
shake it up baby
energy & endurance
bidding war
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7 January 2016

rack of dumbbells
fair share
they don't make them like they used to
hot & sunny weather forecaster
top-shelf beverages
helicopter ride
setting the story straight
downtown main street
academic program
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6 January 2016

ten kilometers
health spa
cleveland & hash browns
boosting my metabolism
fresh catch of the day
natural athlete
get that heart pumping
flying a kite
a bunch of copies
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5 January 2016

shooting baskets
steamed broccoli
training for a marathon
hammer and nail polish
the french west indies
giant anteater
well-balanced diet
situation comedy
disciplined approach
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4 January 2016

let's pick up the pace
clam chowder
pushing a jogging stroller
tennis elbow macaroni
one-piece bathing suit
stockholm sweden
feeling like a kid again
movie theater balcony
booking my own flight
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1 January 2016

the atlantic coast
new spark plugs
tax break dancing
glazed ham with apricots
bellhops and bartenders
what a novel idea
backup quarterback
i got a kick out of it
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