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10 Feb·ru·ary 2016

dancing queen
my main squeeze
ruby sapphire and emerald
jude law of averages
an ideal location
drawer organizer
quite a compliment
in good company
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9 Feb·ru·ary 2016

cohorts in crime
ankle bracelet
appearing on the cover of sports illustrated
bridal shower gel
snorkeling and diving
you better shop around
cosmetics counter
pitch perfect
fudge brownie recipe
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8 Feb·ru·ary 2016

double the fun
parallel parking
post-workout stretch limousine
i believe it's time for me to fly
magnificent hiking
gilmore girls
full shopping cart
proud owner
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5 Feb·ru·ary 2016

special memories
enthusiastic crowd
you're not the boss of me
tossing coins into a well-wisher
exciting watersports
we hate to wait
building momentum
over the hump
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4 Feb·ru·ary 2016

the caribbean sun
take a good look at my face
television stars and stripes
supercharged fun
singing in harmony
local market vegetables
floppy hat
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3 Feb·ru·ary 2016

going to jamaica
ice cream machine
great minds think alike
ping-pong & coffee table
sailing at sunset
oscar the grouch
teens and tweens
on our way to the gym
SPIN ID: dg01603

2 Feb·ru·ary 2016

waterfall pool
cookie monster
science fiction thriller
split second honeymoon
for kids of every age
job description
oysters rockefeller
amazing pianist
SPIN ID: cs7129877

1 Feb·ru·ary 2016

family time
lobster bisque
sweet dreams are made of this
dressed to kill a mockingbird
experiencing total bliss
sesame street
a distinct possibility
dynamic voice
SPIN ID: ak7428601

29 January 2016

we are the champions
extreme sports
finishing my homework
dairy queen of england
awesome beachfront hotel
girl power
warm mixed nuts
drill sergeant
by the book
SPIN ID: jc7965520

28 January 2016

captain and first mate
band practice
eating lunch together
busy buzzing bumblebees
there is so much to do
emoticons and emojis
happily ever after
cardboard boxes
SPIN ID: js7280930

27 January 2016

save me a seat
college entrance exam
skating on thin ice cream
tweeting and retweeting
nesting turtles
the twilight series
making each other laugh
waiting for hours
SPIN ID: ag4399067

26 January 2016

playing catch
open parachute
a long way from home fries
studying for a test
you won't believe your eyes
katy perry
basketball team
whole grain bread
just above a whisper
SPIN ID: ac0006428

25 January 2016

my best buddy
fresh blueberries
amusement park rides
great graduation gift
watching pelicans
out of this world
streaming video
security guard
your imagination
SPIN ID: ar2809299

22 January 2016

getting comfortable
canvas tote bag
good golly miss molly
conference & duck call
our cruise itinerary
maryland blue crabs
winning streak
from head to toe
joint venture
SPIN ID: dl0161332

21 January 2016

personalized attention
hardwood floors
climb to the top of the mountain goat
smoked polish sausage
i've got no problem with that
rip van winkle
minding my manners
browsing the aisles
SPIN ID: sc4590514

20 January 2016

homemade muffins
acting on impulse
thank you for being a friend
furniture movers and shakers
hummingbirds & butterflies
the kitchen is open
quiet neighborhood
mix things up
SPIN ID: ep9038997

19 January 2016

lots of little extras
nature lover
rooms with real character
delicious danish & doughnuts
unparalleled beauty
up here on cloud nine
water buffalo
posing on the red carpet
SPIN ID: ss9629846

18 January 2016

the warmest of welcomes
bagels and lox
birdhouse in the backyard
soccer player piano
worshiping the sun
carrie underwood
cookbook collection
doctor dolittle
filling my quota
SPIN ID: al7881592

15 January 2016

lady of spain i adore you
going backpacking
shakespearean actors
french toast to the bride and groom
ancient land of mysteries
sly as a fox
the epic conclusion
paying it forward
SPIN ID: dt1695265

14 January 2016

the leaning tower of pisa
taxi driver
tasmanian devils and angelfish
big ben stiller
wonders of the south pacific
merlin the magician
downtown hotel
holiday wreath
SPIN ID: hl1259244

13 January 2016

belgian waffles
peaceful meadow
every little thing she does is magic
brushing up on my italian ice
the canadian rockies
honey badger
the perfect temperature
quite a haul
SPIN ID: af7955046

12 January 2016

budapest hungary
fan favorite
the houses of parliament
the czech & banana republic
a unique excursion
swiss cheese
newspaper columnist
huge yacht
SPIN ID: lg1732604

11 January 2016

old-world charm
sneak peek
quaint cobblestone streets
my big fat greek wedding cake
doing the happy dance
pushing the envelope
eating family style
office park
SPIN ID: ai6497911

8 January 2016

olympic gymnast
carrot cake
a force to be reckoned with
yoga pose for the camera
serene sandy coves
shake it up baby
energy & endurance
bidding war
SPIN ID: vb0626016

7 January 2016

rack of dumbbells
fair share
they don't make them like they used to
hot & sunny weather forecaster
top-shelf beverages
helicopter ride
setting the story straight
downtown main street
academic program
SPIN ID: bd7560211

6 January 2016

ten kilometers
health spa
cleveland & hash browns
boosting my metabolism
fresh catch of the day
natural athlete
get that heart pumping
flying a kite
a bunch of copies
SPIN ID: sl9051536

5 January 2016

shooting baskets
steamed broccoli
training for a marathon
hammer and nail polish
the french west indies
giant anteater
well-balanced diet
situation comedy
disciplined approach
SPIN ID: tj8758985

4 January 2016

let's pick up the pace
clam chowder
pushing a jogging stroller
tennis elbow macaroni
one-piece bathing suit
stockholm sweden
feeling like a kid again
movie theater balcony
booking my own flight
SPIN ID: km9424896

1 January 2016

the atlantic coast
new spark plugs
tax break dancing
glazed ham with apricots
bellhops and bartenders
what a novel idea
backup quarterback
i got a kick out of it
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