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Since shortly after the Web became popular, I've wondered about the "Great Nautical Disasters" home page. I don't have one, yet, but neither does anyone else. Isn't that amazing? It seems uncanny that this Web, with pages devoted to everything from rutabagas to phylogeny, could somehow neglect to focus on Great Nautical Disasters.

Less New than it Formerly Was Mission in Life: I am collecting Evil links. Links to sites that are themselves Evil, or spell out the Evil inherent in something else. (Sentence fragments.) Eventually I'll set up a page for these, but for now, they're here.

(What, only fifteen? How lame!) I know... come back later; the search for Evil takes time. Or suggest a site.

IntelliTxt is very uncool. You know, those double-underlined links on various webpages that actually conceal on-mouseover popups? I have just the salvation for you, provided you're a Privoxy user. Just install and activate this filter:

# 7January2006: try to kill all intellitxt instead of site-by-site
# (Updated 20April2006 - add new variants)
FILTER: no-intellitxt Get rid of javascript pulling in intellitxt "links."
s@<script[^>]*(type="text/|language=")javascript"[^>]*src="[^">]*.\[^>]*>.?[ ]*</script>@<!-- \
	Eat hot death, intellitxt -->@sigU

You're welcome.

Not in any way evil, but very cool indeed: Klein Bottles!

At long last, Ayn Rand has been proven wrong.

Do you watch Wheel of Fortune? Missed any answers? (Updated weekdays.)

I'm pleased to mirror the 12 "infamous" Jyllands-Posten editorial cartoons of Muhammad (phlegm be upon him) that so offend Moslems worldwide.

More content coming gradually; check back from time to time.

I've added a fan mail page. It's not much at the moment, but as I find past examples of praise in my extensive archives, I'll expand it.

I don't know what these images are here for, exactly. They seem to be some sort of microscope...

You can find an interview with Andy Partridge of XTC, May 2000, here, and lyrics for XTC's new album Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume 2) in PDA .doc format here.

I think we can skip the "About Me" page. I mean, haven't we had enough of that sort of thing yet?

Intel finally did an about-face on CPU serial numbers. They're not taking them off the P3s, but won't put them on future CPUs. Way to go, Intel! My former protest page / list of problems with the concept remains here for posterity.

One recent project was making a few CD-R copies of the unfinished Beach Boys album "Smile". More...

And I happen to think that George Lazenby was the best James Bond. Do you think otherwise?

Vegan recipes section under development.

Universal VCR Clock: 12:00

(Sorry about the blinking. I know blinking is evil. But hey, this is the Evil Petting Zoo and if I can't be evil, then who can?)
(Actually, my VCR clocks all show the correct time, even during power outages, due to secret Aztec technology which I'm not about to explain to the general public. So there.)

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